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Thread: Faulty Install DVDs Shipped?

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    Unhappy Faulty Install DVDs Shipped?
    So this is a problem I have had for a while now and I really want to get it sorted but i'm not sure the right way I should go about it. I really need some new install dvds!

    When I got my MacBook Pro 13 back from its hard drive repair from apple I then decided to do a clean install of os x. So immediately when I got it home I then dug out my install dvds which came with my MacBook Pro and proceeded to re-install mac os x, but if it was only that simple...

    I switched off my mbp while the os x install dvd was in and powered it back up holding the "c" key. The apple logo came up and not long after so did the spinning gear - which was expected. What wasn't expected was that it would not get past that grey screen with the apple logo, I was waiting of about 15-20 mins. (I think one time the screen actually went black)

    I then tried booting from the disc a different way (holding down option key at startup) but still same thing. So then I reset the NVRam and PRam, again no luck.

    Eventually I give up hope and went to my friends (who has a white macbook) to see if his install dvds worked on my mbp. Surprise Surprise his dvds worked successfully but said that it couldn't install os x. (I wasn't expecting it to anyway).

    After that I then rang up Apple and spoke to a guy who I then explained to the problems I have being having with my mbp. He then asked me again to reset the NVRam and PRam etc.
    I told him it booted off another install dvd and he acknowledged that. But at the end of the phone call he then asked me if I wanted to make an appointment for the genius bar because it is a hardware related problem.


    How can it be a hardware problem with my computer if my friends dvds work but mine don't? Waste of time.

    So this is the question for you guys. Do you think if I make a genius bar appointment they will just take my mbp for a repair which isn't needed? Or do you think they will realise the problem and give me replacement dvds.

    *Also any advice what I could say to them to convince them would help too*

    Thanks everyone!

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    Make the genius appointment and let Apple sort it out. It sounds like a hardware problem to me too. It could in fact be related to the recent hard drive repair you had done by Apple. If the original install media doesn't work and a friend's disk from another machine does, that's a further indication of a hardware problem.

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    I also forgot to add that I tried copying the files using my Windows PC with macdrive and it also shown a error.

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