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    Java acting funny?
    There's been a couple times that a grey or white box appeared in the top left of my screen, and it's always related to something Java related. For example, this happened when I was uploading something onto a university website and I think the client is Java based (I saw the little coffee on the side.) The difference is that this time, there is an "image" in the box! I have attached a screen shot.

    The funny boxes disappear after awhile, but does anyone know what causes this and perhaps how to prevent it?

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    That doesn't look like Java to me, just some kind of VPN or remote computing app. Is it resizable? When I use Java for remote computing at work, the box is resizable and always says 'Java' in it. You'll also know it's Java within 2 minutes of in launching, because it will crash.

    Have you installed the latest updates for OS X? Java was refreshed in the last week or so.
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    I recognize that icon. IIRC, that is an icon from BlackBoard. That icon is part of the upload applet - you can click it to upload files from your machine. Does your school use BlackBoard?
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