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    Mapping keyboard shortcuts
    Hi, I am trying to map keyboard shortcuts and they are not working. For Example, I want to map F3 to Safari. I go into the Keyboard shortcut preferences and set this. However, after I do this and press the F3, I only hear a click sound. Also, Are there any Built in Backup programs in Tiger?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dross333
    Also, Are there any Built in Backup programs in Tiger?

    You can save an image using Disk Utility, but I've never used it myself. I use CarbonCopyCloner to backup the entire drive to a Firewire external HD and it works great. You can find it at version tracker. There's a small glitch with it and a workaround for OSX versions less than 10.4.2, but if you are running OSX 10.4.2 it works fine. Works on Panther too.

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    using the back up program in disk utility does not work that well... It does not allow you to back up the hard drive system that you are currently running your operating system on.. so boot to another hard drive to back up your main hard drive, or, use another mac and boot target disk mode to back up to an external or something simular.
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    Rsync is backup another option using 'built in' OSX function and apps.

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