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Thread: Input/Advice/Consideration iPad, New MacBook Pro Air, or?

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    Input/Advice/Consideration iPad, New MacBook Pro Air, or?
    I would appreciate any forum input or thoughts. With times as they were, I was being (relatively) smart and squireling away a couple bucks each month to get an iPad. The plan was to get one in a couple weeks this November, but ruminations about iPad2 and the reveal of the MacBook Air has me considering. I was going to get the 64GB 3G now...

    How strong is the opinions a new Ipad with face time will be revealed in Q1. Wouls it be that much more a refined consumer product. Been meaning to get a laptop, but demands for it aren't pressing, have desktops everywhere I go for major work.
    But I could use something newer and portable and that was planning to be my next major electronic purchase in a couple months after the iPad.

    Considering I may be doing some travelling over the Holiday season. What are the thoughts of you seasoned users.

    My thanks for your time and considerations...

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    If you go with the Macbook Air then it has facetime, and can be used for more things than the ipad, and if you pick up a cheap 3g dongle you can facetime away from home.

    Im going to sell my 17" Macbook Pro and get the baseline macbook air, but there isnt enough reviews on it yet.
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