Hi, my sister has a MacBook Pro and one day it stopped working. She gave it to me (I am a PC tech - not much experience with apple even though my first computer was an Apple ][e ) to try to fix. I found out that one of the 2 ram chips were bad. So she went from having 2 gigs down to 1. ok, everything was fine for about a week. One day her display stopped working. When I turn it on, it makes the normal chime, and I can hear the hard drive making noise like it's booting the OS. I see NOTHING on the display at all. I tried hitting the Function key + F7 to see if I can toggle from internal to external and back to internal video, but all it does is makes a "DUM" noise. I tried Fn+ other keys and still just the "DUM" sound...after a while and key I hit makes the sound.

Anyone have any advice on what to do? I would try the ram again, but I don't have any ram to test with it. I kind of think that can't be the problem though since I can hear it book though.

Thanks in advance guys!