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    Lombard Powerbook Issues
    I have an upgraded Lombard Powerbook that is giving me fits. It was upgraded to a G4 by Daystar. About 2 weeks ago it kept getting kernal panics at boot. I thought it may be the hard drive so I replaced it but I am still having issues.

    When installing OS X the screen will turn different colors after a time, but not always. I get random freezes also, or OS X just tells me there was a problem writing the files and to try again.

    My question is it a CPU issue or a ram issue or something else?

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    my B&W g3 was doing something similar to that when installing OSX Panther.. come to find out, the RAM i was using wasn't supported 100% by the system so it would reject it after some time.. so i bought a 128 from a friend with another G3 and it installed flawlessly. once it was finished installing, i put the original ram back in as well and it works can try zapping the PRAM too, might work..

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    How do I zap the pram on the powerbook? I am gonna look at the ram later. I just looked on Daystar's website and if you use PC 133 ram things can get hairy. I dont know what is in it. I bought it back from a friend a few months back.

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    Fixed it.....just had to install OS X with the upper ram slot empty.....runs like a champ....weird!

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    Ok so it does not work like a charm. I install 10.3 and it is fine....then when I install the 10.3.9 combo updater it boots and it freezes on the desktop. Then when I reboot I just get the grey screen with the circle with a line through it. What gives? If I keep it at 10.3 it should be fine but what is the issue with the 10.3.9 updater? I am ready to sell the thing for parts!!!! Any help would be appreciated.....

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    I would download another copy of the combo updater and re-install it. The first one maybe corrupted.
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