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    restart button screen and crazy purple lines
    I want to see if I could get some help figuring out what is happening with my MacbookPro. Last night I was on the internet and I got these little green dots then they went away. I clicked the back button to go back to google and then it did it again and then froze. I then held down the power button and resarted it. When the screen came back up it had these little purple dots that where in line all across the screen. The Apple screen was up then a gray box appeared and said to hold down the resart button. Did that but it still is doing the same thing. The little purple dots in lines don't go away.

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    1. We need more info... supply the year, model of your MBP and which version of OS X you're running.

    2. Take a screenshot of your desktop when the purple dots and lines show up. Can you see them on the screenshot?

    Post back and we can go from there.

    And, Welcome to the Mac Forums.

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