Hey everyone,

I'm a little new to this as this is the first real incident I've had with my Macbook Pro that I haven't been able to get assistance with directly from Apple. (If it was a PC I wouldn't waste my time but it still works perfectly) I've got a Macbook Pro Duo Core 2 from late 2006. My LCD cracked when my friend's dog knocked it off of an end table. The original LCD in it is a Samsung LTN154X7. I checked some websites and have found a few videos showing how to replace it yourself because I've heard Apple charges quite a bit for an LCD replacement. If I wanted to pay that much I'd just go get a new Macbook. Local repair shops quoted it at about $600-$800 (which once again, being a college student, I don't have the cash to pay that much for something that doesn't look that difficult.)

Anyway, my main question is this: a lot of sites advertise a much lower price for a "Compatible" screen but any reviews I've read state that most people do not want a compatible screen. Does anyone know if the "compatible" screens are that much different than the original Samsung? I'd like a screen that is pretty much the same quality as the one I had/have. Also, I've noticed there are a few different versions of the LTN154X7, such as the LTN154X7-L02 and L03. Does anyone know what the difference is between the original and the L02 or L03? Anything I've read says that its just differentiating between glossy and matte (my original is a matte, which I prefer to glossy screens). I'm pretty sure that's not actually what the difference is and I don't want to purchase the L03 because it says matte and then have it not be compatible because my terminal only says LTN154X7. These may be really silly questions, but I want to make an informed purchase so that I don't tear my Macbook apart and end up wasting my efforts to find out that the screen I purchased is of horrible quality or doesn't connect right. If anyone has any expertise on this subject, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, If anyone knows of any trusted sites that have good deals on replacement LCD screens, suggestions are welcome!