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    MacBook screen issues
    I bought an early 2008 MacBook today on the cheap, with a screen issue. About 40% of the screen is functioning normally, with vertical lines of various color on the other 60%. I had planned on buying a new display and throwing in it, but after some internet research, I have found quite a few instances where people had the same problem, and have claimed it was the display data cable. After a teardown of the laptop, I can find no "bad spots" or instances of wear in the cable. I have a hard time believing that these cables just "go bad". Anyone ever had this problem or heard of it? The display is not cracked or broken anywhere, appears to no physical damage to the laptop that would suggest physical trauma in any way, and the display is fully backlit.

    I can get the cable for less than $30, so I would like to believe that is the problem. But I don't.
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    I'm with you. In very few instances will those cables ever go bad - and usually when it does happen it's because someone didn't disassemble the machine correctly and damaged the cable. However, if it makes you feel better, order the cable along with the display especially if you can get one for less than $30.

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