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Thread: Apple Model Factory Installed SSD MacBook Pro Model?

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    Apple Model Factory Installed SSD MacBook Pro Model?
    Hi Forum,

    Bought a new Macbook Pro with factory installed SSD from a Apple Reseller online.

    When it arrived today the system had a 500GB HDD. I returned to the reseller and they were going to change - but I am wanting to know the Apple installed model of 128 GB SSD so I can confirm that the correct model is installed.

    Can someone with a factory installed 128 Gb SSD installed confirm the model from the Apple System Profiler.

    I ordered the 15 " Model Macbook Pro if that makes any difference.



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    Welcome to the Mac Forums!

    The model of SSD that is installed varies even when buying direct from Apple on line or from an Apple store. Since you purchased it from an on line reseller, you'll have to ask their customer support or tech service which model is installed.

    I also have to wonder why you opted for a 128 GB SSD (more costly) rather than the stock 500 GB hard drive? I doubt you're going to notice that much difference in performance besides getting a drive which is only one fourth the size.

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