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    I own a Ibook G4 1.33 Ghz, and I have read the battery does not overcharge. Well my mom just purchased a Ibook Clamshell 300Mhz and now I am wondering if those batteries overcharge and is it safe to keep it plugged in all the time like on a desk. She does unplug it sometimes but since the battery doesn't keep that long of a charge she usually has to plug it in.

    My second question is, is there a place I can buy third party batteries for Ibook Clamshells. I don't think Apple sells them anymore and I've been advised not to buy from Ebay.


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    in reply to your second question.

    There are 3rd party alternatives to Apples battery. But I've seen a lot of articles on the net relating to bad experiences with them. There are loads of G3 clamshell batteries on ebay that are reasonably priced.

    I have a 5year old battery in my current G3 clamshell iBook and it still can get 3hrs usage out of it. So wouldnt worry too much.

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    Our family keeps our clamshell plugged in whenever it is not being used!
    It doesn't seem to have any ill effects as far as i can tell! We have done this for almost a year with no problems. Hope this helps!

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