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    MacBook Pro Charger problem
    Hi all,
    I have a 2 year old MacBook Pro and it's worked fine for me for 99% of that time.
    However, 2 months ago the light on the charger didn't come on when I powered up one morning and it didn't charge. No matter what I did it didn't work, so I brought a new one (not an official Apple one as money is tight at the moment) and this worked fine for 24hrs and then the same thing happened!
    I rang apple and they said it may be my Mac, and to take it in to a Mac store. I live and work nowhere near a mac store so am asking you ladies and gents what you think. Is it worth the trek or simply buy an official one?



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    Why spend another $80 possibly for naught if it's a problem with the Mac. Don't know how long a trek you're talking about, but if it was me, I'd take it to the apple store.
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    Macbook pro charger problem
    The new chargers do not work perfectly with the 2 yr old Macs. Every time my charger comes disconnected it will no longer charge. I have to drop the battery to get it back. Just rebooting does not work. I have to remove battery and as soon as a I do the green lights comes on. Snap in the battery and amber light comes on. All is good until the cable disconnects again. It is a bit of a pain but at least it charges. I repaired my old cable where the ground wire has broken off and it works fine, I can disconnect and reconnect instantly the power macbook without battery removal. I think Apple should offer a compatible charger for its older lines. Especially those less than 2 yrs old.

    Hope this helps

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