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    disconnecting from external monitor
    When I'm using my mbp at my house I plug it into: external monitor, usb that connects to my monitor and serves as a hub for my external hard drive, printer etc, and an audio cord that connects to my speakers. When I disconnect all I do is eject my hard drives and unplug the cords.

    However, every time I disconnect and take my computer with me to class, my desktop screws up. Everything gets moved to the right and I can't see my MacHD icon or any of the files I have over there. Also, I can't click anything on the desktop at all. The problems persist until I restart.

    Is there a way to avoid these problems when disconnecting? Should I shutdown before disconnect or is there another way?

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    Turn mirroring on before disconnecting maybe?

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    Fodge is correct. You have your display preference set for "extended desktop" rather than "mirror". Change it as suggested and you should be OK.

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    I use a Henge Dock with my MacBook Pro at work. Before I disconnect it, I put it to sleep. Don't have the errors or misaligned icons. When I used it before and simply unplugged, I would occasionally get an odd screen resolution.

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