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    FrankenBook wiring problem
    I'm in the middle of a project that is, well, ridiculous.

    I've got a macbook core 2 duo with a broken LCD and a macbook unibody with a toasted logic board. I figured that my best course of action was to put the two together and *tada* a functional computer.

    All has been working out- removal of each LCD was easy (once I got a T8 torx) and I've devised a system of foam pads that will hold the new, thinner LCD in the larger display case.

    However, I have been met with a significant stumbling block. The pin connectors are different. What the heck? So I need to either find a two-sided 19-pin video cable or splice the two together. Since the former is highly unlikely, it looks like I'll be doing a nice splice job.

    The only problem now is that I can't guarantee that the pin placement is the same. The isight lines are the same, but what about the rest? Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the displays? Trial and error is not really an option with 16 wires.


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    Well, that certainly sounds like fun. I'd like to see a picture of it when you're finished. Anyway, back to your question. Here are some links where it may be possible to get a schematic or wiring diagram.

    iFixit: The free repair manual

    Powerbook Medic

    Free Apple service manuals

    Good luck with your "FrankenBook Monster"

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