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Thread: Macbook Pro Standard Brightness Questions

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    Macbook Pro Standard Brightness Questions
    I hit the f1 and f2 buttons by mistake and changed the brightness, it's easy to fix but I wanted to know what the brightness was when you first get the Mac. I set mine to 8/16 since you can increase the brightness up to 16 times. Is 8 times the standard for when you first get the Macbook? The brightness looks the same but I want to be sure it's the same settings as before.

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    To be honest it really doesn't matter. Just set the brightness to whatever level looks good to you...that's why it's a preference setting!

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    Nick is right it doesn't matter. The brightness should be set to whatever is comfortable to you. Some people like it brighter while others the opposite. It also depends on how bright the lighting in your room is.

    Although to answer your question, I believe mine was set to the brightest setting as default which was way too bright because everything looked washed out. It was like looking at the sun.

    I usually have mine set to somewhere around half power. I also get better battery life this way so there are two benefits in turning down the brightness.

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