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    Jan 08, 2010
    Entourage 2008 Issues
    Hi everybody,

    I looking for some help about an error I'm having when sending emails to a list of recipients y just created in my MacBook Pro, I handle a pop3 account from my Company and I do recieve email but I'm unable to send only in the case of using a pre created list, for example If I want to send an email to Directors I use Directors list name wich includes maybe 20 director's names on it, and with copy to 4 managers in the same email, it just don't let me send it I verified the acc password and settings that include smtp and pop server, I was advised about a possibility of an Entourage bug when this cases happen,

    I will really appreciate your help,
    PS:I'm the systems guy and this case is with the Big Big Boss' Mac Book Pro,

    Best Regards.

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    Jan 08, 2010
    Clearing more points about my case
    1.-I'm able to send/recieve email from that account when simple addresses are added (not a distribution list), wich means that pop3 and smtp config were done right.

    That's all y left to explain

    Thank you.

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