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    Share macbook WIFI on wired LAN
    Is it possible to share internet connection from my Macbook to my desktop (wired of course)

    I got a stubborn landlord who doesn't want to let me use LAN (wired connection) because he's to cheap tp buy the cat5 cable :S

    I onlu got internet connectons via wifi on my macbook.

    Heres what i want to do:
    1. Connect via wifi on macbook to my internet
    2. share the wifi connection from my macbook to the macbook LAN port
    3. run a cable (not sure if I need a cross over or straight from macbook to desktop LAN port
    4. use internet on desktop freely as if it was connected to a normal LAN cable

    Mac OSX 10.5.8
    Desktop PC is a Windows 7
    I use Little Snitch on mac and Zone Alarm on win 7
    I guess i need to do configure firewall settings on both machines

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    If I were you, I'd just buy a USB wifi receiver for the PC. No hassle. No wires. No need to turn on both computers just to use the PC.

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