I'm trying to find a way to bring USB 2.0 technology on my iBook G3 (2003) with built-in USB 1.0.

Why ?: I just bought a Sony VRD-VC-20 DVD burner (external Dvdirect) that is USB 2.0 compatible (and very slow on USB 1.0).

Question: is it possible to bring USB 2.0 to my iBook via Firewire port ?

I try this: connecting the burner from it's USB port to my iBook Firewire port (with some USB/Firewire connector). The burner says "computer mode" as it does when it's connected on USB but no sign on the Mac OS.

The burner seems to recognize that it's connected to a computer but Mac OS X didn't see it.

Do I need a converter of some kind ? I try some search on the web but .. nothing there.
A guy from a Mac store told me Adaptec made one in the past, but nothing on their web site.
Or is it a driver on Mac OS X that can make it recognize USB devices plugged on the Firewire port ?

I know this can be a tricky question because the device (the Sony VC-20) is a new burner on the market and most of you who have it own a computer with USB 2.0...

But beside a solution that works only for this device, the real question is : is there a way to connect a USB 2.0 device (and use all speed available) on the Firewire port of the iBook G3 ????

I hope that someone somewhere can help me with this !!


Syd from Montreal Qc.