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    Is the mid-2010 13'' MacBook Pro good?

    I'm considering buying the new mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13''. I currently own a late2009 White Unibody MacBook, and I'm in love with it, it runs extremely cool, and doesn't make a sound. I have the chance to sell my macbook and buy the new macbook pro, but I've been reading this and now I'm a little, well... scared.

    Does anyone have the new macbook pro? is the "sweat corrosion" issue solved? how cool runs the new MBP compared to the macbook? how silent is it? and last (and please forgive my great amount of questions), what are the chances of getting a dead/stuck pixel? I would order my MBP online.

    Thanks a lot for your time,
    and please forgive my english.


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    well. this is the first time i heard of this "sweat corrosion. do you sweat extensively while trying to make a point when you do your essays? if so i guess you should stay away from computers in general lol.

    i had two macbook, late 2008 13inch unibody and the new 2010 i5 15 inch. the 13inch is basically the same thing as the mid 2010 model except better battery, more ram and better gpu. as for how cool, all macbook runs pretty cool, until you start using intensive applications like imovie or photoshop.

    dead/stuck pixels are un-heard off in the mac community, these screens are LED backlit. so the chance of a dead/stuck pixel is pretty rare. and in case you do get one. apple would repair it free of charge. the only issue i had with my 13inch is the hinges would get stuck and need a bit extra force to close the lid. but apple would've repaired it if macmall(where i brought it from) didn't.

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    Well....the list is just as extensive for your beloved MacBooks as it is for MBPs.

    MacBook - Appledefects

    But you still love your MacBook...right? If you get an MBP, I am sure you will love it, too. My 2010 15" i5 is the best looking, best built, and best running computer that I have ever owned. If you pull the trigger on the pro, I am sure you will be agreeing with me shortly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brairden View Post
    Well....the list is just as extensive for your beloved MacBooks as it is for MBPs.

    MacBook - Appledefects

    But you still love your MacBook...right?
    Hah! Indeed, I'd already thought of that

    Awesome, thanks!

    What really scares me is the possibility of getting a dead pixel, it's my impression that there's more people on the internet complaining of bad pixels on MBP than on MB.

    One last question, if I buy my MBP online (because I'd like a spanish keyboard) and later have a problem, can I go to any store, or should I report it online?

    thanks a lot, really!

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    I've just ordered mine, hopefully arriving in the morning because i've just moved to Spain I've done the best I could to avoid the Spanish keyboard, after using a US keyboard for well over 14 years, I cant use any others to save my life The wait is killing me though! Found a 500GB HDD for 45Euros as well, such a difference after-market than from the Apple site. Even then all my friends with macbooks have never seen a dead pixel.

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