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    LCD damaged
    I bought a Mac Book Pro 15inch 3 years ago. Warranty ran out 2 days after my latest issue...about a week ago now. It originally came with tiger. Soon after I bought it leopard came out. I bought that and it now runs Snow Leopard. I had the apple care extended warranty. Bit of history about my computer. From day 1 it had dead pixels but apple didnt consider it was enouh to replace computer. Over the next 3 years I have had the hard drive replaced, the logic board replaced, the ram replaced and 2 batteries replaced...all under warranty. My laptop sits on my desk and spends 99% of its time there. Very occassionally I sit it on my lap when I am watching TV and typing an email. The computer is in excellent condition, I dont even think it has a scratch on it. The other night I was using it at my desk. The screen was not at quite the right angle so I tilted the screen backwards slightly. I pushed on the bottom right hand side of the metal frame. I heard a very faint tick type noise, and then some lines started to appear horizontally and vertically. The horizontal lines are mostly black and white, the vertical ones coloured. I rang apple the next day and the person I spoke to said I was lucky to have called at that time as the apple care warranty runs out in 2 days. They stated I would be still covered though as I had reported the issue before it ran out. Apple have refused to repair the screen. They didnt state it in words but the impression I got was that they believe I was rough etc with the computer or dropped it etc. I am trying to argue that there is a manufacturing fault with my computer. It should be able to have the screen adjusted without it cracking. Note..there is no external crack to the screen. There is some sort of internal breakage??.I believe that this particular computer is a lemmon. In addition to the above problems, the keypad doesnt always register my pressing it, ie I have to go back and retype a particular letter or figure etc. I have just learned to live with this and havent reported it. It is an intermittent issue. My son also has a mac book pro. He takes it everywhere and has never had an issue. Mine sits on my desk, has been taken extremely good care of, and has had major problems. . Any suggestions on how I might get them to replace the screen?? As I said there is no mark, scratch etc any where on the computer. It wasnt dropped, hit or mistreated in any way. I am in australia if anyone can suggest someone that replaces LCD screens cheeply if apple wont. Thanks in advance.

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    I would take the MBP back to your local Apple store and have the problem elevated up to the store manager if necessary. Be polite but be persistent. In my opinion, they should replace the display free of charge.

    If worst comes to worst and you have no other choice but to replace the screen out of pocket, I suggest doing it yourself. Check with this US site: iFixit: The free repair manual and look up your model MBP and then the instructions on how to replace the display. If it's something you feel you can do, buy a replacement screen locally in Australia.

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    Thanks for the reply. The store I originally bought the computer from is not a dedicated apple store. At the time of my purchase, my city didn't have an apple store; they do now. I didn't know this when I first purchased the computer; but the store I bought the computer from had a "policy", that after it left their store, it was apples problem. As I said earlier the computer had dead pixels from new. The store I bought the computer from didn't want to know about the dead pixels or me after they had my money... (won't!!! being dealing with them again) Anyway, the computer is currently with an apple authorised repairer; not the apple store, as the apple store is booked up for weeks. The authorised repairer does mainly only work on and sell apple computers but they have to contact apple to get approval for the repair.This also involved sending apple photos of the screen. It was from the photos that the apple agent made his judgement call?? If I have no luck with apple; their is another apple representative calling me tomorrow; then I was considering taking it to the apple store. Don't know how that will go; or what they will think of my approach. Anyway it was from the apple store that I got my son his MBP (the one with no issues so far; fingers crossed) so they may be helpfull? I certainly will be pursuing every possible avenue as I genuinly believe that the computer had some fault. I have always treated it very gently and did so on this occassion. No where in the manual does it say you can't tilt the screen from the bottom right hand side. Has anyone out there had a similar thing happen with their screen and were they successful in getting it repaired?

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