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Thread: iTunes issue

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    iTunes issue
    Hello everyone I'm brand new to macs and recently purchased a macbook pro. I absolutely love the computer but ran into a problem with my music. On my older computer, an HP, I have all of my old music and used the home sharing to get the music from my HP to the new mac. Everything was working well until i went to put more music in my library and update my ipod. Every song in the library had the exclamation point next to it telling me that it was unable to find the source of the music. After a little bit of research I read to delete the library but not to move the files to the recycle bin. When i went to delete the library i was not given the option to keep the files and all of them were deleted. Now i cannot get any of my newly downloaded limewire files to transfer to itunes and am not entirely sure how to get the music from my old HP to the mac without this happening again. Thanks for all of the help.

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    Pirating of music (or anything else for that matter) is not condoned here.. so clean it up Mr!!

    If your legit music is still on your HP machine, you can load all your music on an external drive, then plug the drive into your Mac, and move the files to your new Mac.

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    All of the music from the old computer is legit and thank you i will give that a try.

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    twe2 - I had exactly the same problem, but did a back up to 3 dvds for my music and movies. I've restored it all 4 times so far and no one has given me a proper explanation as to why I can't locate my music in the same way you describe. Everytime I do a back up it throws up a blue file on my desk and I'm not sure what to do. I'm about to restore for the 5th time. It's driving me crazy as I'm not deleting or moving anything at all. Its as though when I log off then log on my music cannot be located.

    Please help I'm desperate.

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