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westicle 09-15-2010 10:40 PM

Required Spec for Recording Audio

I'm trying to plan what spec MacBook Pro I would need to record and edit audio.

Does anyone know what minimum spec I would need to record 8 tracks of audio simultaneously?

Would a 5400 speed drive cut it? Would a 7200?


6string 09-15-2010 11:10 PM

Welcome to Mac Forums.
It is depending on the app you use as to how intensive it will be on your CPU.
Other than that, as long as you have a firewire interface for your inputs, pretty much the minimum spec MB or MBP would have no problem handling it, but may get a tiny bit of lagging, which if you find is the case, you may want to upgrade the amount of RAM you have. I would upgrade RAM after your purchase from OWC or Crucial, as you will find it cheaper than you will from Apple.
As for the Hard Drive, after market with OWC or Newegg once again is the way to go.
The faster HD may be a little noisier (not noisy, just noisier), but that shouldn't effect your recordings as you wouldn't be positioning your microphone over the HD :P
I used a 2.2GHz Macbook with 2GB of RAM before I got this 2.4GHz i5 MBP for single and multi track recordings, and never had a problem. On the MB I had a tiny bit of lagging, but not noticeable enough for the untrained ear.
Using Logic and any MBP you will no doubt be happy with the quality, but as I would recommend to anyone, the faster the processor your budget will allow, is the MBP to go for. :)

As much as I would recommend a faster HD, I would also recommend a large HD (min 500GB with plenty of space), and an external firewire HD for mass storage.

westicle 09-16-2010 03:02 AM

Cool, thanks for the welcome and the answers 6string.

I'll probably be using Logic I reckon. Is that less processor intensive than some?

In terms of interface I'll most likely go for a Phonic Firefly 808 so I'd be recording 8 tracks at a time or the Helix Board 24 to get up to 16 tracks (wouldn't use more than 12 at a time though).

I'd totally forgotten about getting memory from Crucial - I was speccing up some MBPs and they were getting pricey with lots of ram.

I had no idea you could change the hard drive as well. Is that an easy thing to do and does it void the warrenty?

6string 09-16-2010 03:54 AM

Logic's excellent, and either the firefly, helix board or a good M-Audio interface you'll be flying.
RAM and HD is user upgradeable and won't void your warranty.... both are easy as pie to upgrade yourself.
This is for the HD
YouTube - How to Upgrade the Hard Drive in a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15"

This is for the RAM
YouTube - How to Upgrade the Memory in a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15"

westicle 09-16-2010 05:03 AM

184 eareste
Nice one, I'll check the videos out.

I'll have to find a UK supplier for the HD.

6string 09-16-2010 07:55 AM

If you don't find anywhere, over here in Oz many of us go with OWC for HDs and RAM, even though they are based in the states.
Fast, quality customer care, and quality products.
Performance Upgrades; FireWire USB SATA Storage; Memory, more at OWC

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