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    Just bought a MBP, no new itouch?
    hi, new the forums, just got the mbp with the student discount and rebate for the itouch. sorry for sounding like a pain or whatever you like to call it. i bought my mbp online and i thought since the new itouch (the one with the camera on the front) was being released a few days after 9/7/10... i thought i would get that, but what came in the mail was the one wihtout the front camera. is there any way to get the new itouch by exchanging it at the store? thanks in advance

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    You should call Apple about this, we really can't help you..

    Be sure NOT to open the iTouch box you did receive so that if they are going to do a trade or whatever, it'll go smoothly..


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    Apple use the student promotion of getting an iPod touch with a macbook as a way of clearing the huge amounts of stock that they have before a new model comes out and hence they will not swap the iPod. I had exactly the same problem and tried to swap and they said because i brought it on this deal they couldnt do a swap!


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