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    MacBook Pro External Keyboard Issue
    I have recently begun using an external monitor for my MacBook Pro (Discrete, 15'', 2006 version, picture at File:MacBook Pro situated on a wooden table.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and also the Apple Wireless keyboard.

    My MacBook Pro is about 2 feet from the Bluetooth Keyboard. When I type on the keyboard, I often get a very slow response to the computer, and will get letters typed numerous times when I only type them once. For instance, if I typed Apple, it would show Aaaaaaaappppppllllllllleeeeee. I'm not exaggerating.

    Has anyone else had this issue or have any ideas on how to solve this problem? I really do need the laptop hooked up the way it is but perhaps Bluetooth is not the way to go in this instance?

    Thanks in advance for any help/insight!

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    I can't say I've had that issue with my keyboard, however when I have had problems with my bluetooth keyboard I've found that the following helps:
    1) Fresh batteries are alway worth a shot
    2) Unpair and repair the keyboard and laptop.
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