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    ibook help
    So yesterday I acquired an ibook 500MHz PowerPC G3 with 640 MB SDRAM. And there are a few things that I need help with.

    First of all. The clock is way off (March 1, 1976) but when I change it, it resets whenever I turn it on/off.

    Secondly, (I am going to sound like a loser right now) Facebook doesn't work correct; It doesn't load the full site.

    Thirdly, Youtube force quits safari.

    Lastly, if there is anyway that I can get it to run faster/better (it is already pretty quick for an old machine, Im just used to my iMac) let me know. The guy I bought it from didn't use it for over a year and hadn't run an update on it in two years.

    I do plan on installing Tiger on it but thats all I can think of to make it run faster.

    Thanks in advance,

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    For the first problem, it sounds like the internal clock is not getting enough power to keep time. Since your friend didn't use it for a year, is the battery too low? I would try plugging in the A/C cord and letting it charge for 24 hours. If the ibook has an internal backup battery running the system clock, check into changing that. (Most, but not all laptops have this.)

    If you get Tiger installed, the other problems are probably only outdated software.
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    Just for info sake.... The iBook does not use a backup battery (PRAM battery) as other models do. It uses a special capacitor charge - discharge system which generates voltage to keep the system clock accurate. Maybe after using it for awhile it will start functioning again to keep the system clock up. The capacitor is charged by the main battery.

    See the following ifixit site article regarding the clock battery.

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