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    Macbook Harddisk or Harddrive?
    Hi - recently my MacBook died, i looked on this forum - symptoms were it won't boot, folder with a flashing question mark etc.. Looks like i need a new Hard Drive.

    So i went on ebay and quickly purchased a SEAGATE Momentus 5400.3 - 80GB SATA 2.5" HARDDISK. Ok - high 5's all around - but after looking at the picture, it looks completely different - you can see the disk etc..

    Will i have to remove the harddrive casing when i recieve this, and then put the Harddisk inside? Have i possibly bought the wrong thing?

    I'm asking here because i will not be home to see what i've bought for another 3 weeks - and then i only have 1 week before i go touring again, with this MacBook.

    btw the model number is A1181.

    Any help will be kindly recieved.


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    I don't know what picture you're looking at, so I can't be any help there.

    The hard drive you *describe* as having bought should work fine in your MacBook, though why someone would buy an 80GB drive these days is quite beyond me ...

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    thanks - here's a pic.. it was 10 Euros for the harddrive - and i don't know yet if that was the problem.
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    The drive will not look like that when you get it. That is a manufacturers pic of the interior of the drive.

    It will fit. You should head over to They'll have a graphic tutorial of how to change out the drive. Especially if you've never before been in a notebook case, I advise printing it out, lay the screws out on the pages as you remove them. It's not too hard.
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