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    fixing liquid damage hardware question
    My neighbor gave me their 15" MacBook pro (model No: A1260) that had an appletini spilled on it. Initially the computer would not boot or do anything. We thought it was fried. I took the entire computer apart and swabbed everything I could see that had sticky goo on it w/ some rubbing alcohol (frame, keyboard, logic-board, etc...). viola, the computer will start again (but it takes a special dance to make it do so). Everything is working okay but I have a few problems I think might be hardware related. Hopefully someone can shed some light for me.

    I am currently using my girlfriends 60w power cable for her macbook to charge this thing back up b/c I didn't get the power cable and haven't picked one up yet. It doesn't appear to harm anything in the interim - is this ok? or do I need to visit the apple store asap for one of these?

    while disassembling I accidentally pried on the wrong spot when trying to remove the internal battery (the small 3v cell battery). I have ordered some professional soldering equipment and am going to make an attempt to re-solder this thing back on.

    besides not holding the clock, forgetting network login keys and other expected stuff, the power button doesn't seem to respond to anything - could the missing battery be indicative of this?

    To turn the computer on - I have to remove the battery from the laptop and make sure it is not plugged in. Then reinsert the battery and plug in the power cable and the computer instantly starts up - does not need the power button pushed or anything - starts as soon as the magnetic power cable makes connection w/ the computer.

    also - when the computer is left alone for longer periods of time and the screen is open - it appears to go into sleep mode and you sometimes cannot bring it back out by tapping any keys on the keyboard or pushing the power button. when this happens I have to remove the laptop battery, disconnect the power cable, then reinsert the battery and plug in the power cable - then it always boots right up w/out pressing any buttons. I never have this problem when I close the computer and walk away. When I do this it always wakes right up when I open the monitor.

    I also have been unsuccessful at installing the updated firmware that keeps being downloaded from the system update. The computer will reboot - but holding down the power button as prescribed doesn't do anything (I guess this is expected)

    and the last problem I seem to have with it is more of a nuisance than a real problem. When I got this thing revived there was OSX 10.4.3 installed. I purchased a new copy of 10.6 and was able to get it installed but now when the computer boots to the login screen it makes this continuous beeping noise. It appears to me as if a sound file starts to play, but then gets stuck in a continuous loop so all i get is a (bababababababababa) noise. Once any key is pressed - the sound immediately stops?

    Thanks for you help!

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    Moved to correct forum

    First, read the Sticky post at the top of this forum - regarding spills. LINK

    You're likely dealing with something that is never going to work right unless you spend many $$$ repairing it. My advice: Sell it for parts on eBay or Craig's list and save yourself hours of fooling with it. From your description of the machine, it's an older MBP, probably not worth all that much even if it was working OK.

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