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    Hey guys, long time Mac user here. I have a new iMac plus all the usual iPod, iPhone etc.

    I recently found an iBook on Craigslist. I spoke with the guy selling it this morning he said it works fine, needs new battery but comes with the charger (I am fine with this seeing that I can get a battery for cheap). He said it has a new airport card and keyboard cover. The specs are as follows; Apple MAC iBook 12" M6497 500Mhz 640MB 10GB OS X 10.3.9.

    My question is, can I put snow leopard on this? If not, what is the most recent OS I can put on it?

    I am getting it for 40 bucks plus my old 1st gen Nano w/ iHome. Pretty good deal to me.

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    Welcome to Mac Forums
    Latest OS you can put on that is OS X.4 (10.4 Tiger)
    The discs need to be retail version which would set you back $100+

    You'd be better of finding one with tiger already installed with the installation disks supplied, or a higher speed processor with Leopard installed.

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    Can you put OS 10.6 Snow Leopard on this computer?...No.
    Can you put OS 10.5 Leopard on this computer?...No.
    Can you put OS 10.4 Tiger on this computer...Yes...but it might run a little slow.

    How much is an OS 10.4 Tiger install disk?...close to $100+ bucks...OUCH!

    By the way...$40 bucks is a pretty good price for the computer...especially since the ram is maxed out & has an Airport card.

    Hope this helps,

    - Nick
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