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    Question Fallen MacBook Pro, what can be the problem
    Hi, I'd like to repair a MacBook Pro (unibody).

    I don't have access to the machine. The only thing I know is that the superdrive spins up at the boot and nothing else happens.

    Can it be a damaged logic board? Would the superdrive spin-up if this was the issue? I'm guessing it could be bad RAM.

    Sorry for so little details. Some guy is selling (at a very nice price) a MacBook Pro in this condition and provides very little details. I'm trying to get some info about the LED indicator out of him just to be sure it's the RAM.

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    Your title says, "Fallen Macbook Pro, what can be the problem?"...the problem is you dropped the Macbook Pro!!!

    Dropping a laptop is not very good for it, as you can imagine. If the only thing working is the Superdrive (spinning) (no display, no hard drive sounds, etc.)...then this laptop has got some serious problems.

    What exactly is wrong is pretty difficult to determine...since there really is not much in the way of troubleshooting we can do. Sure you can start swapping known good parts & see what finally gets the laptop working. But this can be a pretty expensive process...versus just buying a new or used computer to replace this broken one.

    Sorry I couldn't be of much more help. If we could do some sort of troubleshooting we might be able to narrow things down a bit.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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