I'm using a black polycarb macbook with 4 GB DDR2 RAM, 2.4GHZ, etc...

Using a mini-dvi to hdmi female converter and an hdmi chord to hook it up to an LCD television. Using either Plex or VLC to play some high definition video.

I have two problems, but only one I really care about...the latter is that while the video appears crisp on these two programs on my macbook, and still crisp on the TV, it's MUCH darker on the TV, so much so as to be unwatchable, and contrast on the TV doesn't seem to do anything; nor do the settings on the macbook that I've thought to try.

The lesser problem is that no setting on the macbook will legitimately "mirror" the macbook screen to the TV, it's always goofy and either too big or too small, never just right...always cutting off the dock, or the left end of the screen, etc., it'll cut off the very top of the macbook during this also; I'm not sure what's wrong.

Thanks in advance!