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Thread: Macbook pro left side of screen flicker

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    Exclamation Macbook pro left side of screen flicker
    Hi forum,

    I have a relatively new 13" macbook pro. Recently I have been finding that the left hand side of the screen flicker blue and yellow. you can still see the image but it has a tint to it. I have not dropped it, however about six months ago i accidentally put a little dent on the top left of the apple logo on the same side. Surely they cant be related. I have apple care and have a appointment with a genius on Sunday. Do you think apple care will cover it.

    Please Help me,

    Thanks Forum

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    I guess it depends how big the dint is...? I would think they would cover it but if the dent is substantial they may try to fob you off and link the dent with the screen flickering.

    I know how annoying it is, my previous laptop had this flicker and it drove me crazy.

    Hope you get it sorted.

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    dent size
    the dent is so minimal. you can hardly see it. Lets put it this way i wont point it out.

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