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    Macbook pro will not power on
    My MBP wouldn't power on. I read about a SMC reset on apple's site. I did that. It powered. However, the fans were spinning hard and the battery icon had an "X". The battery is/was fully charged.

    Because the apple site said that SMC reset is needed if the fans are spinning fast when the computer has no load, I decided to shut down again and SMC reset again.

    Now my MBP will not power on with any combo of options listed on the apple site--not SMC reset, not with com+ctrl, not with or without battery, with or with out magsafe inserted. I've tried all combos. Nothing.

    Here's the problem. I live in Turkey... No Apple store. Anyone got a magic pill for me today?

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    No magic pill, sorry. The symptoms you posted are indicative of a serious hardware problem. Possibly a malfunctioning logic board or power supply. Your machine really needs to be looked at by an authorized Apple repair tech.

    Here's the link to the Turkish Apple web site. Perhaps from there you can find a service center.

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