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    powerbook ram problems
    hey guys
    i recently put in a 1 gig ram chip into my powerbook. i bought the samsung ram that the powerbooks come with just to make sure i wouldn't have any problems because i was really worried about this. it seems that after i installed the ram, microsoft office wouldn't recognize my printer even though i reinstalled it. and limewire doesn't seem to work even though i downloaded a new copy and installed it. any tips? applecare expired about 2 weeks ago and i forgot to extend it. i was wondering if it was possible to still buy it and extend it for the two years minus the time elapsed since it expired. it seems like the outcome would be the same since i'm not getting it for longer than 2 years but i seem to be getting sketchy answers from customer service.
    thanks guys!

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    Well, if you buy applecare again and they let you just pick up where you lapsed then you're not covered for this issue anyway. However, if you lie about when you found this problem then hey--that's up to you. I don't think it'll work though.

    Now, your memory issue. Did you take out the stick and see if things went back to normal? Did you run a hardware test?

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    Also try to download memtest and rember to test to see if the RAM stick is defective.

    Usually 3 or 4 passes will ferret out any problems that might be afflicting your RAM.
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