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    MacBook can't start from harddisk
    Okay this is what happened:
    MacBook3,1 running Snow Leopard
    Intel Core 2 Duo (2,2 GHz)

    I was surfing around at facebook when my MacBook suddenly freeze I cant do anything except moving the mouse and dragging windows around. Nothing happens if I press the shutdown button. After a while I decide to force shutdown. When I start the computer again I hear the startup sound but the round loading bar never appears. After a while I hear some beep sounds comming from the right side of the computer and a harddisk-question mark appears on the screen.

    The first thing I do is to put the macosx snowleopard install dvd into my drive and boot from it. I open Disk Utility to see whats wrong, but my Macintosh HD drive doesnt appear above my dvddrive. Instead the harddisk changed name to "Media". Here is the specs shown of my harddrive "Media":

    Disk Description : Media
    Connection Bus : SATA
    Connection Type : Internal
    Total Capacity : 0 Bytes
    Write Status : Read/Write
    S.M.A.R.T Status : Not Supported
    Partition Map Scheme : Unformatted

    I cant Verify, Repair, Erase, Partion etc. Everything is greyed out.

    Next I went to the Systemprofile to check if it can find my harddisk.
    When I select Serial-ATA this message appears: There was an error while scanning for Serial-ATA devices.

    This made me think that maybe the harddisk wasnt connected, so I pulled out battery and harddisk and replaced them again. I tried Disk Utility and Systemprofile again with the same result. (The harddisk didnt smell burned)

    Last I tried to reset the PRAM but with no results.

    Help me, what am I supposed to do?
    I cannot seek advice at my applestore since I am currently on a trip in Brazil for a long time.

    Thank you for any suggestions

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    It sounds like your hard drive died. You probably need to get it replaced. Where are you in Brazil?

    Here is the phone number for Apple support in Brazil and web site:

    Brazil 0800-761-0880 Apple - Support - Brasil

    I assume you can speak Portuguese? If not, they probably also speak English.

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