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frown888 09-08-2010 06:54 AM

Snow leopard disk utility help!
I recently cloned my macbook pro 250GB hdd to a 500GB hdd. It all went smooth, and everything works perfectly with the new 500GB, except when i open up finder and bootcamp etc, it only says that i have 214GB left. Now this is the amount of space i had on the old 250GB. Is there any way to change this problem?? I was thinking of either using disk utility and partitioning it to the full 500GB, but was worried whether that would lock mac os to the whole 500GB, because later on down the track i want to put windows on it. My other option was to completely wipe everything(Backup to external HDD) and reinstall snow leopard and iLife etc.
Any help would be much appreciated


chscag 09-08-2010 10:42 AM

What application did you use to clone the drive? And, did you first partition and format the external 500 GB drive before cloning? If you didn't, what you see is what you got. :\

Assuming you did not partition or format the 500 GB drive first, here's how to get things in order:

Make a backup first. Then...

Boot with your SL DVD and do not allow installation to begin. Open Disk Utility from the top menu Utilities. Highlight your drive (top entry) on the left. Choose the Partition tab. Now drag the partition line to encompass the entire drive. Click apply. Reboot. You'll now have all 500 GB available without any loss of data. Later on if you wish to install Windows, use the Boot Camp assistant. Should be OK.

frown888 09-08-2010 11:04 AM

Thanks for replying. I used norton ghost to clone the drive. I didn't partition or format the drive before cloning. Also, with the disk utility tool, if i set it to the mac partition(before installing windows), will i still be able to switch the partition size for windows and mac, or will this lock the partition to mac only?


chscag 09-08-2010 12:05 PM

Norton Ghost is not the proper tool to use to clone a Mac hard drive. Use Norton Ghost and True Image only for Windows file systems.

If you follow the directions I gave you, the entire drive will be setup for your Mac and formatted as HFS+ Extended Journaled. It must be that way or you will not be able to install Windows using Boot Camp. Later on when you use the Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows you can choose the size of the Windows partition and BC will create it for you.

Make sure you read the Boot Camp Assistant instructions first. Might be a good idea to print them out and have them on hand when you install Windows.

frown888 09-09-2010 04:30 AM

I am actually just thinking about completely wiping my hdd and reinstalling snow leopard. Just a couple of questions first though:
1) Does iLife come on the applications disc, or the snow leopard disk?
2) How do i reinstall snow leopard, like what steps do i go through to wipe the hdd etc?


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