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    AirPort Dropouts
    Hello forum. I just recently purchased a 13" MacBook Pro. It's been great, except for one annoying issue. When the computer starts to get hot the AirPort signal will dropout. Restarting fixes the issue, but there has to be a better way around this. At first it only happened when I was multitasking, but recently it happens after streaming video for short periods of time, 15 min or even less. It seems to be a hardware issue and i'm considering exchanging for a new one unless there is a simple way to get around the issue. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.

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    If you just purchased the machine, by all means take it on in to Apple and let them test it. If there's a defect with the airport card or something else, they'll repair it or may decide to give you a new one.

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