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    Is it ok to mix RAM in Macbook?
    Good day everyone...

    So I had the dreaded experience of going out of town for a few days, coming home, turning on the ole' macbook (unibody aluminum) and seeing only a white (grey) screen and hearing three loud beeps followed by a five second pause and repeating...

    So I took it over to the local Apple store and one of the geniuses there was able to very quickly determine that the root cause of this was a single dead RAM chip. We took that out and the machine boots and runs without issue. That's AWESOME given the other possible reasons for this failure...

    So now I want to replace the dead 2GB stick with another 2GB stick and wanted to see if there were going to be any issues encountered in 'mixing' the current 2GB module with a new and different 2GB module.

    Let me know your thoughts! Thanks and have a good day.
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    Notebook computers in general are fussy about memory. It's never a good idea to mix modules whether it be on a MacBook or Sony Vaio. Buy an exact replacement or if you can't find one, then two modules of the same type and size.

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