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    Using my macbook as a wireless adaptor for my desktop--too slow
    Hey everybody

    I've been lurking for quite awhile and have finally decided to post something now that I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve. I've looked around using the forum search function and have not found a solution, forgive me if I missed a thread that does solve this.

    I've had my macbook pro for about year now, great product and I love the thing. Lately I've been using it to connect my pc to my wireless network. I just select the "internet sharing" option in the sharing folder in preferences. In the "to computers using" box, Ethernet is selected, which is of course how my desktop pc is connected to my macbook. Now it works perfectly fine except for the fact that my connection speed is quite slow. tells me that my fastest download speed using my desktop is around 3 Mbps. My macbook, still connected via ethernet to my pc, returns 16 Mbps. Why is my desktop so much slower? My desktop has a 100 Mbps ethernet port and the cable is relatively new. My router is a cheap wireless netgear a/b/g using WPA2 security.

    One last note: I know that I could simply buy a cheap wireless adaptor for my pc but I'm pretty short of funds right now and really don't use the internet on my pc too often, just every once in a while which is why it's nice that I can share my macbook's wireless adaptor.

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    Internet connection sharing by nature is slow. What you're experiencing is normal although the PC should be getting a little better download speeds. The only real solution is to buy a router and connect the PC to it separately. Wireless USB adapters for Windows are inexpensive. That might also be a solution for you to consider.

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    I've used ICS (connection sharing) several times in the past for extended periods, and I've noticed the same thing in each situation. As chscag alluded to, there's just a "natural" lag between the MacBook Pro's Airport and Ethernet ports and the desktop computer's Ethernet port, not to mention the software end of it.

    Now, really, just go buy a wireless adapter

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