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    Stuck on apple logo and spinning wheel during start up
    So I am in a complicated situation right now please try and follow along

    1. Im using my grandparents old laptop they just gave me and the had the computer wiped at apple
    2. I do not have the original instillation disk the computer came with
    3. I used the apple + S command to create an account without needing the administrator password (of which my grandparents didnt know)
    4. I started moving files and deleting from the administrator account to my new one then the computer all of a sudden crashed and when i turned it on again i got the kernal panic page
    5. I ran the only two disk i could find at the time OS 9.2 and OS 10.5.4 and i got the computer running on 9.2 but i cant install anything 10.5.4 gets me stuck on the apple logo startup
    PLEASE help me if you can

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    If the oldies had the HDD wiped what you are seeing is quite normal. OS X.5.4 Leopard will only install on a machine with a +867MHz processor and as you have not gone to the trouble of sharing machine details, very hard to help you.

    And to install any OS other than with the original sysrtem discs, you need black full retail install DVD's or CD's.

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    Ahh well that helps i think i pretty much screwed my self over on this one and i think im going to just take it to the apple store to get it fixed since i have none of the original software that it came with

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