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    Macbook White Seriously Overheating...
    My MB White which i've had for under a year now is overheating like a barbecue. I can barely touch it sometimes when I'm running games/apps and my sister literally burned her hand on the underside the other day while trying to pick it up. I'm going to college next week and I don't have time for no repairs. Any chance they will replace it before I go? It is still within the original warranty...

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    Umm if it was overheating it would have turned itself off.

    There is a reason why these aren't called laptops anymore but notebooks. The underside gets very hot after extended usage and or computer intensive activities such as gaming.

    Therefor it's normal.

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    I don't think it is normal for a person to burn there hand on the bottom of a computer!

    Gentu - It would be worth taking it to Apple and explaining the problem to them. My suggestion to you would be to try and monitor the temperature and fan levels using a program called iStat Pro. Generally speaking the fan on my MBP runs at around 1996 - 2001 RPM and all the temperatures for the system components should be around 40 - 50 Celsius. If they are running a considerable amount higher that this then I do think it would be worth getting it checked out.

    However, it is known for MB's and MBP's to run slightly hotter than usual due to the slim design. Make sure the environment you are using your mac in isn't too hot either.

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    If your still covered under apple care, definitely bring it into the apple store and have them check it out.

    Yea, i also suggest running iState Pro and checking out what is getting hot.
    Also, make sure the laptop is on something flat and the area is clear for ventilation.

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