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    turning a laptop into a desktop, need help?
    i currently have a macbook pro purchased late 2009. My family has just purchased a new flat screen TV and we have no use for our old one. I've decided to transform my macbook into a desktop computer. i am going to use the old TV as a display screen, a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. I would like your opinion on whether this will work and any suggestions or changes you recommend. i am going to buy the mini DisplayPort to hdmi adapter from the apple store and use an hdmi cable i have lying around to connect the macbook to the TV. i will then attach a wireless keyboard and mouse i have from an old imac to my macbook . Will this work?

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    Yes... maybe. There are variables and you'll have to do research to make sure you have everything you need to suit your particular tv and MBP. See this thread and do a forum search (or Google search) for "Clamshell". This is a well-covered subject on here, so don't forget to use the search function before posting.

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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    thank you so much for that link. I have learnt that my version of the macbook pro does not send the audio signal through the mini displayport. Since there wouldn't be sound coming from the TV i have had to rethink my whole setup. I now need to acquire a speaker. I have also learn't that my setup should workfine

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