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    Macbook Freezing/shutting down
    Hello everyone, I am not well-versed in computer dynamics or terms but I could really use some advice. I purchased a macbook back in 07 for school. A few months ago it started to freeze randomly without warning, as well as completely power down. I brought it to the Apple store's Genius Bar and they concluded it was a battery problem. Turns out, it was not a battery problem for it continued to freeze and/or power down upon returning home with it. I then brought it in a second time. This time they said it was a software problem, deleted everything and repaired the software. Again, this was not the problem because it is still freezing and/or shutting down, however; it is now happening less frequently, which is just baffling to me. Does anyone know what may be causing this? It is quite frustrating and I don't know if I want to bring it to Apple for a third time only to be disappointed yet again. Plus my warranty has expired and I am getting charged for each of their "guesses" and "solutions". Thank you.

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    Welcome to Mac Forums,
    I'm surprised that you were told that it was battery or software related.
    To me it actually sounds like a hardware problem.
    I'm wondering if your Mac is running really hot when it is freezing and/or shutting down.
    First off, I would run an Apple hardware test.
    One of your original install discs that came with your MacBook will (in small writing) tell you to use that to run the hardware test.
    Boot off that disc holding D while you boot.

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    Awesome. And yes, sometimes it is fairly hot when it does this, but sometimes it isn't. I will try the hardware test you mentioned above. Thanks!

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