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    Processor upgrade? overheating?
    Is it possible to upgrade the processor and maybe a better internal cooling system. Or would it just be easier/ more cost efficient to buy a new macbook pro.

    Running 07 macbook intel.

    Thanks for your expert answers!

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    You havnt given us much too go on, but for one you can not upgrade the cooling system or the processor. The best for cooling is good ventilation, cooling pad, something like a piece of slate (cold stone).
    So in a nut shell. Fork out your hard earned $ for a new MBP .. Or look at the  refurb store as there is the latest MB/MBP out there now for considerably less $ than a new machine, while still getting the full warranty as you would on a new machine ... Worth a look and a lot of members here swear by the Refurb Store

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    very true. I might as well just get a new macbook instead of spending time/effort and money upgrading parts.

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