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Thread: Mbp pixel out

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    Mbp pixel out
    I got my 13inch mbp as a gift last Christmas. I just turned it on today and noticed what i thought was something on my screen. But when I went to clean it with the microfiber it didn't come of. It looks like Just one little pixel of the screen is black. I know it's probably no big deal but it really annoys me lol. What kind of warrantee does apple have for this so I could get it fixed. I just don't Want somebody spending 1500$ on me and having it not be the way it should.thanks

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    If you are not past 1 year of the original purchase date of the computer, then you are covered under warranty. Take it to your nearest Apple store or authorized repair center for service (I would recommend a backup prior to this). You may want to consider extending your applecare warranty for 2 more years. You can only do this while your computer is covered during the 1st year. When that year runs is no longer an option. Ask your local service center about it while you are there. Good Luck!
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    If the problem is only one dead pixel, then most manufacturer warranty will not covered it. Unless the more than a certain number of bad pixels, usually six or more. The was a case a long while back, where an individal. Gently massaged the area of the dead pixel and that brought it back to live. it appeared to be a stuck pixel. In any case you can check with Apple. They may help you with this issue.
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    I found this.... which I disagree with, and would contest personally.

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    I've personally returned a notebook computer that had one dead pixel. The machine was only several days old when I noticed it. The store promptly exchanged it for a new one, no questions asked. I suspect Apple will do the same if the machine is new, however, the OP mentioned his machine is around 9 months old. He may have to live with it as I don't believe Apple will give him a new display.

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    Thanks. Ill take a ride over to the apple store just to see what they say. Personally, I think they should replace it even if it's one pixel and its under warrantee but its obviously all not that fair. Thanks again.

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