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    >>dvd rom boot up sound<<
    hey guys.
    Do you know if there is a way I can turn off the dvd rom boot up sound? it's the sound that occurs when you take your computer out of sleep. Im fine with it on start up but not every time i wake up the poor thing!

    I guess its a "self-test". As I rarely use the drive I wonder that it may even increase wear-off than to "test" anything.

    I've actually used my dvd rom 7 times give or take and had my laptop for over 3 years! ya i know. I can see the rom eventually going out because of this "self-test"

    What an embarrassing design mistake. Any thoughts?


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    If you expect anyone here to offer help, you're going to have to help us help you. What kind of DVD optical drive are you referring to? Make, model? Also, provide info about your Mac and which version of OS X you're using.

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