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    Question MacBookPro can't start-a spinning wheel permanently on. Help me please!
    When tried to start MacbookPro it produced the usual startup sound , then displayed a grey screen with the Apple logo but the startup process stopped here with a spinning wheel under the logo.
    I left it to see if it will start anyway but the computer just does not proceed with the startup, the wheel is still spinning on and on .
    I can't restart it by unplugging the power because the battery can not be eliminated.

    Can't try PRAM reset at the start - the machine is just frozen in this state with the spinning wheel on screen and I have no access to it at all.

    I guess I can't use the manufacturer's startup disk because the computer is stuck in the middle this startup process.

    MacbookPro is Intel based and runs on OSX 10.6.

    Extra info: yesterday I had problem with System Preferences panel where for no apparent reason it was not possible to open the padlocks despite of the fact I have admin access , then I shut the Mac down and noticed that it takes longer than usual to shut down - don't know if this is related to the current startup problem but I'm not a techie and just don't know...

    How to restart this laptop? Any help , please?

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    Press & hold the power button for 5-7 sec. Then you can put the disk in or zap the pram or whatever when you start it again

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