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    How do I fix this?
    Okay, I have been jumping from forum to forum asking this question, so I thought I'd better come to the smarties. You guys.

    This problem is so hard to try and explain, but I will anyway. I also took a little video to show you exactly what is going on.

    Basically, I'm getting little popups on my screen every time I touch command, option, control, fn, or shift. It is making it almost impossible to type or to do anything on my computer.

    Here's the video showing what's going on.
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    Any advice?

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    Welcome to Mac Forums
    I don't have access to my Mac right now, and I forgot the shortcut is to accidentally turn on that feature, but it looks like your universal access settings causing this.
    Go to system preferences, universal access, and have a looksy at your settings there under keyboard.
    I think it's just a matter of turning sticky keys off.

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    6String is correct. Open System Preferences. Click on Universal Access then click on the Keyboard Tab. Make sure Sticky Keys are set to OFF. If for some reason you want Sticky Keys but still don't want those symbols on the screen, uncheck "Display Pressed Keys on Screen".

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