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    `I think i have done something very stupid,
    Okay i won't bore you with what lead me to this but on the disk utility,

    i Went onto erase free space not knowing 100% what would happen, next thing i knew i had run out of space around 40 gb

    this is the log

    2010-09-01 00:45:33 +0100: Preparing to Secure Erase Free Space : “JACK DH HD”
    2010-09-01 00:45:33 +0100: 1 Pass Erase Free Space
    2010-09-01 00:45:34 +0100: Creating temporary file
    2010-09-01 00:45:37 +0100: Securely erasing file
    2010-09-01 01:15:39 +0100: Creating temporary file

    i ended as i got scared and it want moving, please say i have ruined my laptop, and if i haven't how can i fix it?

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    Assuming you mean it won't move?

    If so can you boot from your install DVD, go into utilities and run Repair Disk and advise what is says? You may be up for a format and clean install so truct you have backups of your drive.

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