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    Portable Hard Drive not working with USB Hub?
    I recently purchased this Portable (iomega) 500GB hard drive. I just realized it only works on my Mac's USB ports, but not with my USB Hub...

    Does it exceed the power limit of the USB Hub? I don't see how it is possible, because I currently have nothing else plugged into it, and it uses a power adapter.

    It worked with my old Hard Drive, which is big and uses a power adapter. Now it doesn't seem to work. Also I tried on just a USB adapter that makes the cable longer, still doesn't work. Only the MBP ports work!

    However, the hub works for things such as phone charger, and speakers right now.

    What is the problem??


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    Not all hubs (even powered ones) are compatible with every USB device. The same applies for USB extender cables. I've run into the exact same problem as you have. Generally, USB hubs work fine with devices like cameras, printers, and phones. USB extender cables generally only work OK with printers.

    External hard drives and optical drives should only be plugged into the main USB ports of the machine. Even some iPods (Touch, Classic) usually do not work right from a hub but must be plugged in direct.

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