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    Thinking About Buying Used - Suggestions?
    Alright, Iím completely aware of the fact that ďinexpensiveĒ is somewhat of an obsolete term in Appleís industry, but Iím in somewhat of a pickle. I need a personal computer, I love macbooks, but I donít want to invest in a brand new one, simply because two years from now Iím be getting a new one for and from collegeóthatís another story for another day. Iíve been looking around at used macbooks, but Iím somewhat suspiciousóI want to get something worth the little sum of money I plan on throwing out.

    I've never bought something used online, though.

    Anyway, Iím just simply asking for anyone to share their experiences with a used macbook, where I can get a quality one, whether or not I can ask the distributor that Iím buying from the condition of the computer, and~ if this seems like a wise choice; should I just settle for an inexpensive PC?

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    Buying anything used involves some risk. Buying a used computer from on line even more so because you won't know the condition of the machine until you begin to use it. And it's always a pain trying to return an item purchased from on line.

    Buying used from someone in person (say from Craig's List) could be OK in that you would have a chance to try it and could see what condition it's in.

    The best would be to buy a refurbished machine direct from Apple. However, that may be beyond your budget.

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